Writing a winning CV

Writing a winning CV

A recruiter will look at your CV for an average of 6 seconds. This can feel pretty disheartening if you’re putting your heart and soul on to this piece of paper, and it gets you less than 10 seconds of time in front of the people who could give you the opportunity, but there are ways to beat these odds.

If you want to give yourself the best chance in your job search, follow these tips to make sure that your CV stands out from the crowd.

1. Look at resume examples for your industry

Just looking at generic resume templates can be unhelpful if you’re looking for a job in a specific industry. For example, if you are looking for work in the creative field, you have to make sure the aesthetic of your resume is on point! The layout and look can be just as important as the information because it immediately signals to the hiring manager that you are familiar with your industry and you know what you can offer.

2. Don’t put every job you’ve ever had

If you are a brand new to the job market, this tip might not be for you, but if you’ve been working since high-school or uni, chances are you have racked up a few jobs, but do not put them all on your resume. The hiring manager does not care that you worked at Cotton On when you were 16, they care about the work that is relevant. With such a small window of time, you have to capture someone’s interest, make sure every job, qualification, or other pieces of information adds to the strength of your application instead of distracting from what makes you a great candidate.

3. Edit, edit, edit!

Spelling mistakes, formatting errors, and poorly written sentences spell immediate doom for your chances of getting the job you’ve applied for. Make sure everything on your resume is flawless by editing a few days after you create your resume to give your mind a reset. You could also send it to a friend, family member, or professional to get an outside tick of approval.

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