using social media to land that job

Using social media to land that dream job

RIP to the Microsoft Word CV and please welcome the fancy new public profile your future employer is making a beeline towards. If you want to land your dream job in today’s marketplace, you’ll need to understand the art of building a personal brand online, including how to tailor your profile to each platform.


LinkedIn is your corporate platform, but still relevant for those who aspire to work in a flat structured, open-plan office with table tennis and a fridge full of craft beer. The key to personal branding on LinkedIn is to create a memorable headline with integrated keywords that reflect the job you want. Follow that up with a great photo and a seamless profile, championing your achievements and you’re halfway there. The last phase is engagement. Connect, comment, and share!


Twitter is your work-friend, the one you can make witty comments to without being too censored. Twitter is there to showcase your personality without being too candid. Key things to consider are;

* Your Twitter handle needs to be straightforward and memorable. Don’t try to be clever with a super cryptic handle you’ll cringe at in a couple of years.
* Choose your image wisely – this is your online business card so try to avoid any incriminating photos.
* Familiarity increases popularity so make sure to consistently engage with potential employers, share interesting tweets, and promote ANYTHING relevant whether that be blog posts, published work, events, or gigs that you’re involved with.


Slack is the new kid in town everyone’s going to want to be friends with. Start by joining one of the many public communities related to your industry. You can build relationships with people working in the industry, which will open doors you wouldn’t have known about. If you’re actively looking for work, you can introduce yourself with specifics on the role you are seeking which will likely trigger a conversation with recruiters.

Start cultivating your personal brand online to connect with the people who can help you land your dream job.

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